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Conversion/Repaint of 1/4 Sideshow Angel to X-Force Archangel Commission

This is another commission to modify/convert this Sideshow 1/4 Angel Statue into X-Force Archangel(less the wings). Firstly, I removed all hair on the head and sculpt it into a full hooded head. Next, sand away all old details on the body and sculpted on X-Force Archangel Suit details onto it. This is the most time consuming part as I have to be very careful of the body pose, alignment of each single details, etc... Lastly, the converted statue was repainted to X-Force Archangel colours scheme and the wings were also repainted to metallic chrome. Good quality automotive paint were used for this entire repaint. Enjoy the photos...

6001 Beach Rd, Singapore 199589

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