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1/3 ARH Arkhalla Seduction Statue Modification & Repaint Commission

This is another commission to modify and repaint this 1/3 Scale Arkhalla Seduction(Queen of Vampire) Statue. The statue was very nicely sculpted but client complained a few issues as such,

1) The hair piece always scratch paint against neck and shoulder.

2) The belt piece and the back skirt piece alignment is always off(pushing away one another) and also keep scratching paint at the waist.

3) There is no metal peg to hold statue onto base. Statue is not stable due to glossy base surface.

4) Arkhlla was painted too brownish(client's opinion).

Therefore, I modify the hair piece slightly smaller so as not to scratch paint at the neck and shoulder area. Modified base with metal peg and hole underneath right knee so as to fit and hold statue firmly onto base. Next, I repainted Arkhlla to fairer complexion and red eyes. Lastly, I hand tailored new skirt and belt with quality satin for easy wearing and removal plus no more scratching of paint at the waist. Good quality automotive paint were used for this entire repaint. Enjoy the photos...