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1/4 Sideshow Lady Death Premium Format Statue Modification & Repaint Commisison

This is another commission to modify and repaint this 1/4 Sideshow Lady Death Premium Format Statue. Client's request is to sculpt on the 'Choker' onto the neck where the Skull Stud is attached to. Reason is because there is a hole at the neck for fitting of this skull stud along with the cape. Therefore,if she don't put on the cape, the skull stud have to fix onto the neck to cover the hole and it looks funny with the skull stud sticking on the neck without any necklace, etc... Next, is to full repaint Lady Death into 'Human Form' with 'Blonde Hair' and 'Blue Eyes'. The skulls and base were also repainted with better colours too. Good quality automotive paint were used for this entire repaint. Enjoy the photos...