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1/4 Miss Marvel Sideshow Premium Format Statue Repaint Commission

This is another commission to customize and repaint this 1/4 Sideshow Miss Marvel Sideshow Premium Format Statue. This statue comes along with a spandex suit and Miss Marvel logo printed on it. As time goes by, the logo starts to crack and eventually dropped off in pieces. This issue happened to all Sideshow Miss Marvel Statues. Therefore, client commissioned me to remove the spandex suit and sculpt a new body suit onto the existing body then repaint it to look like a real suit. On top of these, client also want to change the logo from yellow colour to gold colour instead. The body flesh colour were also repainted due to the exposure of many mini holes and dimples after removing the spandex suit. Lastly, is to add on a layer of super clear gloss car coating to make the suit looks like a shinny latex body suit. It looks simple but required a lot of detailing work till the completed product. High quality automotive paint were used for this entire repaint. Enjoy the photos...