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Dygenguar with Aubenseiter Kit Painting/Assembling Commission

Finally!! After working on this kit and other jobs at the same time for a week to get it completed. This is a real huge model kit. The horse with Dygenguar stands at a height of 50cm! Client wants me to paint it to look like diecast and real metal chrome effect instead of leaving it in it's plastic look. High quality mobile car paint were used for entire paint workz. This Kotobukiya kit's skill level is somewhere in between a MG and PG. Therefore, anyone interested to build this kit, better don't take it too lightly. Moreover, the kit quality is not very good. Cannot compare with Bandai plamo kit. There were many parts that cannot fit in and I have to modify the size or shape then can get the parts snap together. So here it is, Dygenguar with Aubenseiter Diecast Version painted by Custom Workz. Enjoy the photos...