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TFC Devastator Transformers Repaint Commission

WOW! This is one of the biggest and longest transformers repaint commission to me. I was commissioned to repaint 6 pieces of Constructicon Transformers which will then combine them into the mighty 'DEVASTATOR'. TFC really did a good job in producing this huge(standing at about 32cm tall) and quality Devastator. Client requested to repaint it as close as to the G1 design combining with Transformers Movie effects which are metal chrome face and wheels, battle worn-off and heavy weathering all round. Took me straight 10 days to complete this ultimate request. High quality mobile car paint were used for the entire paint job. On top of these, I also customized a bigger plasma gun from the existing Constructicons guns and custom made a 'Decepticon' logo chest plate for it. So here it is, Custom Workz repainted TFC DEVASTATOR TRANSFORMER. Enjoy the photos...